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Company profile

Company profile

Company basic information

Founded in 2017, Jiangsu Fulian Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/NB-IoT/4G/5G/3C electronic cable module R&D and design. We are committed to becoming a global module for the Internet of Things A pioneer in the industry, shoulders the great mission of "technological innovation and quality of life, interconnection of everything changes you and me".
At present, Fulian has 83 core technology patents and 61 invention patents. It has invested more than 100 million yuan in equipment and completed the monthly production capacity of 15 million pieces of wireless modules. Its products are widely used in many fields such as wireless payment, vehicle transportation, smart energy, smart city, wireless gateway, industrial application, medical health and agricultural environment, and has the ability to undertake 3C The production capacity of digital and vehicle related products can meet the customized needs of different customers and provide intelligent manufacturing solutions for Internet of things terminals in the global market.
Fulian Communications has obtained the following international certifications:
1. National Standard Quality Management System Certification GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001: 2015 Standard
2. Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification GB/T28001-2011 Standard
3. Environmental Management System Certification GB/T24001-2016 (ISO14001:2015) Standard
4. IATF16949: 2016 Automotive Industry Quality System

Industry advantage

(1) Personnel
The core members of Fulian Communications are from the leading companies in China and China and the semiconductor industry. The management team has more than 20 years of experience in internationally renowned brands. They have served MI, Cisco, Huawei, Western Digital, Lenovo, Dell. AT&T, China Telecom, Philips, Bose, Haier, Motorola, D-Link, EERO & Ring (Amazon company) and other well-known customers in the field, while the production team has more than 10 years of automated production experience.
(2) Equipment
Fulian Communication Co., Ltd. invested 150 million of its own funds to build a full information intelligent production line in accordance with the Industry 4.0 standard and China Manufacturing 2025 target. It has 10 Fuji NXT III high-precision SMT production lines equipped with Epson's 40 robotic arms for high-speed test production. With high production efficiency and quality stability, the production capacity is up to 8 million wireless modules and 3.5 million IoT communication devices per month, while greatly reducing the dependence on manpower and fully presenting the industrial Internet of Things.
(3) System
Fulian Communications understands that the core value of Industry 4.0 lies in the data collection and integration analysis of each link, and a set of information systems that fit and grow with the company will be the core of the company's competitiveness. Initially, the senior development team with more than 10-15 years from the industry will be established, and the internal MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and database system development team will be set up, with the Oracle database of Oracle Corporation of the United States, so that Fulian Communications will produce From the first product, the production history of each manufactured product is completely recorded.
Fulian Communications' manufacturing execution system is like a complete network, which integrates the entire workshop to realize real-time, transparent management and production process monitoring. MES can provide enterprises with material management, production data collection, Production planning, production scheduling management, finished product, semi-finished product inventory management, task dispatching, quality traceability management, human performance management, work center, production equipment management, tooling and tool holder gage management, production cost management, visual billboard management, Management modules such as production process control, underlying data integration analysis, and upper-level data integration decomposition provide a solid, reliable, comprehensive and feasible manufacturing collaborative management platform for enterprises to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and enhance core competitiveness.
At the same time, Fulian Communication Co., Ltd. also combines MES with ERP information system, and serializes all the company's sales, R&D, production and other operational processes. All data can be transmitted to the central computer room host in real time, as the basis for management team big data analysis and tracking. The goal is Realize the realm of the lighthouse factory of the Industrial Internet of Things.
The significance of turning off a light factory is from a traditional human-centered, data-centric management. The lighthouse factory is more meaningful. It uses the data and smart phones to see the factory dynamics. It uses intelligent mobile phones to manage people flow, logistics, process flow, information flow, fund flow and information flow. This is the ultimate goal of the company to promote industrial materials.
(4) Product line
Fulian Communications Co., Ltd. focuses on meeting the needs of the Internet of Things and the three major operators. It provides Wi-Fi, BT, Zigbee, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, 4G, 5G and other wireless modules and access terminals. R&D and production.
(5) Research and development
The R&D team consisting of more than 10-15 years of senior engineers in Fulian Communication Co., Ltd. can provide RF hardware, system firmware, application software APP, antenna design, structural parts to national safety certification, etc. according to the needs of customers in various industries. Industrialized innovative design and commercialization through-train service.
(6) Customer
Fulian Communications' products are widely used, covering consumer electronics products for the livelihood, industrial grade products for the industry, and commercial telecommunications grade products. In addition to cultivating well-known customers in various industries in China, they are actively deploying customers in Asia and Europe.
Fulian Communication Co., Ltd. upholds the belief of “Science and Technology Innovation Quality Life, Everything Connects to Change You and Me”, continuously researches and develops communication module technology, perfects innovative products, guarantees the continuous appreciation of customers' investment communication products, and achieves mutual benefit and win-win. The company's values strive for the happiness of both the material and spiritual aspects of the overall workforce and contribute to the progress and development of humanity.

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