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Intelligent Lighting Innovation Summit and Xiaomi IoT Partner Conference
On October 24, 2019, sponsored by Xiaomi IoT platform, Huayi Plaza, Zhongshan Semiconductor Lighting Industry Association, Guzhen Lighting News, Zhongshan Leshi IOT Technology Co., Ltd., and intellige
Huang Chunnian, secretary of the municipal party committee of Danyang Municipal Party Committee, came to our company for guidanc
On October 13, 2019, Huang Chunnian, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Danyang Municipal Party Committee, came to our company for guidance.
Automotive IoT experiment uses wifi to connect vehicles to reduce traffic accidents
More than 3,000 vehicles will be involved in the project in the coming year. The staff will equip each car with on-board computers, communication equipment, sensors and multiple cameras. The on-board computer will transmit various real-time signals to the traffic while the vehicle is driving. Security management platform. Whenever a dangerous situation occurs, such as a car speeding or reverse driving, the safety platform will immediately detect and send a voice or vibration warning through the onboard computer.
Internet of Things 6 technology unlimited connection technology
Ethernet (Ethernet) is a kind of LAN communication technology. The IEEE 802.3 standard of IEEE has established the technical standard of Ethernet. It specifies the content of the connection including the physical layer, electronic signal and medium access layer protocol. Ethernet uses twisted pair as the transmission medium, and can cover a range of up to 200 meters without relaying. The most popular Ethernet type data transmission rate is 100Mb/s, and
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