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Automation equipment


Automation equipment

Group testing and automation equipment

HORIZON 02i automatic laser engraving machine
Laser speed: 3~7s/PCS
PCB size range: 50mm*50mm to 500mm*500mm

Automated laser engraving machine

Check PCBA Machine
Automatic checker
Check the edges


Automated splitter

MK5402L automatic board machine
PCB size:
50 mm × 50 mm
To 510 mm × 460 mm


Automated universal line test

3 independent robot arms;
12 isolation boxes, 24 test fixtures;
Integrated GPIO, RF test, etc.


Automated dedicated line test

2 mechanical arms ;
8 isolation boxes, 16 test fixtures;
Integrated GPIO, RF test, etc.

Automatic packaging machine

DZ500/2D Automatic packaging machine
1 YAMAHA robot inside
2 CCD inside
Support link MES


Automated vacuum packaging machine

Automated vacuum packaging machine
Speed: 15~20s/PCS
Seal: 500*10mm
Cooling time: >2s


Test and experimental equipment