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SMT line body


SMT line body

Equipment and specifications

manufacturer: DEK                                    model: E-BY DEK
printing speed: 2 mm/s–150 mm/s         Stencil-to-board Repeatability:1.66 Cpk @ ± 25 μm
PCB size: 40 mm × 50 mm to 510 mm × 508 mm        
PCB thickness:0.2 mm–6 mm


Solder paste printing machine

Solder paste inspection machine

manufacturer:  KOHYOUNG                      model: 8030-2
precision: X,Y: 20 µm; Z: 1 µm             
PCB size: 50 mm × 50 mm to 510 mm × 460 mm
detection type: high, area, volume, offset, bridge


manufacturer: FUJI                                  model: NXT-3   
precision: 0.045 mm/3 σ              
PCB size: 50 mm × 50 mm to 510 mm × 460 mm
component size range:01005 chip: 100 mm (L) × 90 mm (W)


High speed placement machine

manufacturer: JTR-1000-N                     model: JTR-1000-N 
temperature accuracy : ± 1.5 °C
Maximum belt speed: 2,000 mm/min.  
PCB size: 50 mm–500 mm 

reflow soldering

Automatic optical inspection machine

manufacturer:   JUTZE                             model: JT-620
precision: 15 µm                                       speed: 40 mm2/s
PCB 尺寸: 40 mm × 50 mm to 460 mm × 510 mm
Defects such as incorrect components, polarity errors, bridges and missing components can be detected


Universal machine

manufacturer: FUJI                                  model: XP243
patch range:0603-45*150mm,Parts with a height of 25.4mm or less
patch speed:0.43s/chip IC,0.56s/QFP IC。
patch accuracy:±0.025mm
Applicable substrate: maximum 457*356mm, minimum 50*50mm, thickness 0.3-4mm